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Cybersecurity and Compliance

Minimizing risk and maximizing protection in the digital era.


Your business is unique, so a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t work. 3Nines tackles cybersecurity based on the actual needs of individual businesses and their level of risk tolerance, but there are some baseline security measures we recommend for everyone.

Just like every front door needs a lock, the digital landscape of your business requires a first layer of protection. But you may require a layered approach to security. You may need more protection for insurance purposes, to meet compliance regulations or simply a greater piece of mind knowing that your business is protected. 3Nines Technologies offers a multi-layered approach to cyber security that will meet your specific needs.

Point9™ Security Stack

3Nines Technologies provides AI-based protection with a Point9 Security Stack for each device. Machine learning recognizes what normally runs on your computer and stops any unusual activity until an administrator approves it. This can eliminate new and unknown ransomware attacks.

The Point9 Security Stack pushes software updates and patches to your computers, meaning your systems are always kept up to date, fixing any security flaws before hackers can exploit them. The Point9 Security Stack also offers dark-web scanning that scours the dark web for compromised company email accounts and/or passwords. It also provides software to remove unnecessary administrator privileges. All applications require approval from an administrator prior to installation, keeping you safer.

Point9™ Protect

Point9 Protect offers an additional layer of protection, further decreasing the risk to your IT environment. We do this by filtering email for malicious spam, adding multiple layers of authentication for computer and application access. We also provide your business with streamlined password management and increased password complexity. This level of security assists your employees with tools that teach good security hygiene.

Point9™ Protect+

Point9 Protect+ offers a multi-layered approach to cybersecurity for businesses that require a strong security posture. This level is highly recommended for medical offices meeting HIPPA regulations or other compliance standards.

Point9 Protect+ combines all the services from the Point9 Security Stack, Point9 Protect then adds additional layers like a 24/7 security operations center, the most advanced AI-based email filtering software, and quarterly vulnerability scans with reports.

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