Managing network infrastructure is our core competency.

Managed IT Services

Enterprise-level IT support and cybersecurity solutions your business can afford.

What is Managed IT?

The computer support industry has changed dramatically over the last decade. Instead of calling an “IT guy” to come to fix a technical problem every time something goes wrong, many companies prefer to hire a Managed Services Provider (MSP) as their “IT department”.

Technology advancements now allow an MSP to remotely manage client networks. Like the check engine light in your car, MSPs receive warning notices when a technical problem arises. Whether it is a virus, the hard drive space is running low, or a process on the server has stopped running, these notifications alert the MSP that problems must be addressed.

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Point9 Proactive Business

As a managed services provider, 3Nines provides a variety of services for our business clients. Our Point9 Proactive Business solution is structured to provide enterprise-level IT support and Cybersecurity Services that fit into most business budgets. The Point9 Proactive Business solution includes the IT essentials that every business needs.

How we support our clients

Your business is unique, and so are your technical needs. The “one size fits all approach” that a lot of our competitors offer can be overkill for a lot of businesses. We support our clients by custom-building IT solutions that meet your specific needs.

The 3Nines Advantage

3Nines Technologies has spent the last two decades putting together the right resources, strategies, technology, vendors and information technology specialists so that you don’t have to. Oklahoma businesses trust 3Nines Technologies to be their Managed Services Provider (MSP) because of our knowledge and experience.

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